All Rabbit App Web Series List, Actress Name, Cast and Watch Online 2022

Rabbit App All Web Series List, Cast Name, Actress 2022

People, hope you know about Rabit App. One of the best and popular web series OTT Platform in India. Rabit App streaming romantic, thriller and romance web series every weeks on their Originals ott platform. Now we will going to shared most famous Rabit App web series All episodes list, Actresses Name, Cast and How to watch online.

All Rabit App Web Series List

Rabit Web Series All Episodes List

1. Pathshala 2022

On the OTT platform of Rabbit app here release back to back top class web series. Pathshala web series is a comedy, dramatic and romantic web series. Watch all the episodes online though Rabbit app.

Pathshala web series


This is a story of a beautiful woman who is a biology teacher. Here Mahi Kaur playing the role as a biology teacher. She does not happy in her marriage life and also husband. At her home she used to teach biology some students at her home.

Release on - 2022


  • Anshul Jagdeesh

  • Sahil Tyagi

  • Madhusree 

2. Mangalik 2022

Mangalik is a entertaining web series. Watch full web series on Rabbit app OTT platform. Know more about this web series, see below:

Mangalik web series


This is the story a unmarried girl. The girl name Gauri, she is a beautiful girl on her village. But she still unmarried to the reason of her mangalik dosh. 

She also wants to became a dulhan and enjoy her wedding night, like others girl. To know can she married and enjoy her suhaag rat, watch all the episodes. 

Release On - 2022


  • Trushna Pandey 

  • Anupama Prakash 

  • Deepak Raj

  • Kamal Malik

  • Ravindra Yadav

3. Chanda Aur Chandni 2022

On the OTT platform where release the awaited web series Chanda Aur Chandani directed by Parvez Alam and the story written bt Sameer.

Chanda aur Chandni web series


This is a story of a two cousin sister, they are very desparate for making physical relation in different or various way. To know which way they follow and making their intimate with fun and interesting. 

Release on - 25 February, 2022


  • Pooja Poddar

  • Gaurav Singh

  • Pujesh

  • Jimmalviya

4. Matakni Ke Matke

This web series directed and the story written by Pervez Alam. It consists divided 4 parts in 2 episodes.

Matakni Ke Matke


Matakai Ke Matke web series story of a village girl he is very much depressed and account of the behaviour of the people towards her. Villager’s think that Matkni has a very bad breast size is too mush high.

Release on - 2022


  • Suhana Khan

  • Jimmalviya

  • Janardhan Jha

  • Priyanka Upadhyay

  • Sahil Khan

  • Deepak Raj 

5. Phuljhadi Web Series 

On the OTT platform Rabbit app here release top class web series. Phuljhadi is one of the most dramatic and romantic web series. 

Phuljhadi web series


This is the story of a married woman and her husband live aboard for work. So the she doen not happy on her married life. One day she meet a boy and try to make a physical relationship to make her life happy and satisfy. Can her husband know all that? To know more watch all the episodes through online. 

Release on - 2022


  • Vinay Gupta

  • Deepak Verma

  • Diya Singh

  • Navish Nair

6. Mohini Web Series 

This web series cast popular and famous actress and actors. This is a very popular web series on Rabbit app.

Mahini web series


This is the story of a village girl, who have fond much about sex stories and this character relate with her. Watch full story to know more on OTT platform Rabbit app.

Release on - 2022


  • Deepak Raj 

  • Himanshi Singh

  • Anupama Prakash 

  • Shivam Singh

  • Vivaan Shrivastava 

7. Manjulika Web Series 

On OTT platform Rabbit app Manjulika web series is a horror series. It also included romance and drama. People’s love to watch this web series. 

Manjulika web series


This is the story of a newly married couple. Tanu is a beautiful girl who married Manu. On their first wedding night Tanu behaves like a ghost and disturbance whole family. To know more, what will happen next? Watch all episodes on Rabbit app.

Release on - 2022


  • Rajkumar Shukla

  • Gauvar Singh

  • Mahesh Verma

8. Mittho Bhabhi Rabit Web Series 

This web series including a dramatic, romantic series. Here act famous actress and actors. It’s a very popular web series on Rabbit app.

Mittho Bhabhi web series


This is a story of a village. Where a married woman runs a telephone booth business. She is famous in village called Bhabi. She try to grow her business and attracted by young boys and girls in her telephone booth.

Release on - 2022


  • Deepak

  • Kalyani Kapoor 

  • Prerana

  • Akansha Sharma

9. Pathshala Part 2 Web Series 

After releasing of Pathshala Web series, Rabit App streaming their next part of Pathshala 2 web series.

Pathshala 2 web series


  • Ankita Dave

  • Abha Paul

10. Totka Rabit Web Series 

Totka New Rabit Web Series will be streaming soon on Rabit App.

Totka web series


  • Sanjana

How to watch online 

If you want to watch this web series online, then you have to buy a subscription on Rabbit App. Rabbit app is not free to watch web series or short films. Before watching all this web series go to respective ott platform and subscribe them and watch and enjoy romantic web series.

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