Kooku Web Series All Episodes List, Cast, Story and Watch Online

Kooku All Web Series List, Cast and Actress Name

What Is Kooku App?

Indian another best OTT Platform to watch online Romantic and Hot-heated web series App is Kooku. Recently Kooku Originals provide us most of the romantic and romance drama web series every weeks. Hope all of you know about Kooku App. Most of the popular web series actress work on Kooku Web series.

Kooku Web series list, Actress name

Kooku Web Series actresses:

In Kooku App, famous actresses were playing their role every web series. They looks beautiful and hotest. The audience of Kooku Originals like to watch those Beautiful actress to watch romance web series. Rajsi Verma, Ankita Dave, Rekha Mona Sarkar, Mahi Kaur, Ayesh Kapoor and so many web actresses cast in Kooku Web Series.

Kooku Web Series List:

In this article we going to share most of the successful and popular Kooku Web Series List, Release date, Cast, Story and Photos.

1. Woh Teacher Kooku Web Series 

Woh Teacher is one of the popular and hot-heated web series streaming on Kooku App. Rajsi Verma one of Popular actress cast in this web series. The story is about a Teacher and a student and their intimate scene.

Woh teacher web series


  • Samar as Student 

Released Date: 27-02-2020

2. Suno Sasur Ji Kooku Web Series 

Most of the people watch this web series and they watch it’s again and again because of popularity. Story about a family and house wife. When husband unable to satisfied his wife, then wife gets intimate with Father-in-law and house servant Ramu.

Suno sosur ji web series


  • Kumari Simran as Wife

  • Rajneesh Jaiswal

  • Amit Kumar

  • Raman Kumar as Servant

Relase Date03-04-2020

3. My Cousin Sister Kooku Web Series 

One of the famous story between two Cousins sister and brother is My Cousin Sister web Series. When they sleep together and attracted to each other and gets intimate both, story is most interesting at that moment.

My cousin sister


  • Aayesha Kapoor

  • Meeta Mitra

  • Divyansu Singh

  • Anup Gahoyi

Released Date:


5. Golden Hole Web Series 

Rekha Mona Sarkar's one of the most romantic and romance web series is Golden Hole. In this web series Rekha Mona Sarkar lead as house wife. She is unsatisfied with her husband and start work on call girl for her enjoyment and gain money.

Golden Hole web series


  • Romit Baweja as Rakesh

  • Bharti Koli as Jasmine

  • Neeta Hiranandani

  • Manica Bhargaba

  • Sonal Goutam

Released Date:


6. Behru Priya Web Series 

Kooku's another web series Behru Priya is full of romance scene.

Behru Priya web series


  • Pori as Priya

  • Ranjan

  • Kunwar Singh

  • Kallyani Jha

  • Devebdra Lade

Releasd Date:


7. The Story of My Wife

The Story of My Wife is an Indian Hindi web series streaming on Kooku Originals. This is a story of a women, who Married a person and also she get intimate with others.

The story of my wife web series


  • Hiral Radadiya

  • Saira Pereira

  • Aamir Menon

  • Manoranjan Mishra

  • Priyesh Shrimal

Released Date:


8. Suno Devar Ji

Rekha Mona Sarkar another hot-heated Kooku web series Suno Devar Ji streaming on Kooku App. The story belong to a family, where every one attracted to one house wife (Rekha Mona Sarkar). The house wife also gets intercourse with Father-in-law and brother-in-law.

Suno Devar Ji


  • Rekha Mona Sarkar

  • Gourav Singh 

  • Shakespear

  • Rajneesh Jaiswal

  • Sangeeta 

  • Alka

Released Date:


9. Suno Jethalal Kooku Web Series 

Suno Jethalal Kooku Web Series lead by Rekha Mona Sarkar. Rekha Mona Sarkar is one of the famous web series actress of Kooku App. In this web series she played massive romance scene to entertain people.

Suno jethalal web series


  • Rekha Mona Sarkar 

  • Gourav Singh 

  • Shakespeare 

Released Date:


10. Mere Angane Main 

Mere Angane Main is a Kooku Originals web series streaming on Kooku App. Ankita Dave played main role in Mere Angane Main. 

Mere Angane Main


  • Mustaq Khan

Released Date:


11. Nayi Naveli Kooku Web Series 

The story of two brother and their wife makes Nayi Naveli web series most interesting. There are a family, lives with two brother and their two wives. They also gets intimate together and enjoyed group romance.

Nayi Naveli web series


  • Shanaya Ans

  • Ranjeet Jha

Released Date:


12. Lalita PG House 

Lalita PG House Kooku web series is fully romance dramatic web series. The story about a PG house and it’s hotest owner Lalita.

Lalita pg house web series


  • Abha Paul as Lalita Bhabhi

  • Yougesh Mahajan

  • Shahbaz Khan

  • Nimai Bali

Released Date:


13. Atithi in House Kooku Web Series 

The story about Atithi in House is a family, where comes to an Atithi. The house wife attracted to that Atithi and gets intimate.

Atithi in house


  • Shrutika Gaokar

  • Gayatri Phulwani

  • Mokshita Ragav

  • Neelam Pandey

  • Simran Ingan

  • Richita Ghosh

  • Vivek Patel

  • Priyesh Shrimal

Released Date:


14. Chicken Curry Kooku Web Series 

Ankita Dave's another romance web series Chicken Curry is full of mosti with intimate life. Ankita Dave lead main role in this web series.

Chicken curry web series


  • Ankita Dave

  • Athar Siddiqui 

  • Neelam Bhanushali

Released Date:


15. Gulab Jamun Kooku Web Series 

Rajsi Verma's Gulab Jamun web series is fully romance and hot-heated. Who have above 18 can watch this web series. 

Golab jamun web series


  • Rajsi Verma 

  • Aayushi Pathan

  • Imran Khan 

  • Sohel Khan

  • Vinod Tripathy 

  • Rudra

Released Date:


16. Bubblepur web series 

The story of Bubblepur web series backdrop in a village. The actress of this web series lookz beautiful and hotest.

Bubblepur web series


  • Kalpana Saini

  • Afreen Shaikh

  • Neha Mondal 

  • Puja Joshi

  • Pradip Kubra

  • Ashrani

Released Date:


17. Sanvida Web Series 

Kooku Released Sanvida Web series in this year. The web series has two part, Sanvida and Sanvida Part 2.

Sanvida web series


  • Peehu Kanojiya

  • Ayesha Pathan 

  • Gourav Singh 

  • Rehan Khan

Released Date:


18. Chhupi Nazar Web Series 

Chhupi Nazar is an ad*ult web series released few weeks ago on Kooku App. 

Chhupi nazar web series


  • Shreyashi Mukherjee 

Released Date:


19. Chhupi Nazar 2

Chhupi Nazar start from where previous part of Chhupi Nazar end. Fully romantic and romance drama streaming on Kooku App.

Chhupi nazar part 2


  • Ruks Khandelgale 

  • Sreyashi Mukherjee 

Released Date:


20. Charulata Web Series 

Charulata web series is hot-heated romancing drama web series streaming on Kooku Originals OTT Platform.

Charulata web series


  • Neha Kapoor

  • Shreyashi Mukherjee 

  • Rahul Mannan

Released Date:


How to Watch Online Kooku Web Series 

Kooku Originals is an Indian OTT Platform to streaming Drama, Thriller and Romance web series. If you want to watch online web series, buy a subscription on Kooku App and watch online.

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Q. What Is Kooku App?

Ans: Kooku is an OTT Platform to streaming romantic, Thriller and erotic Web Series.

Q. In which language Kooku App web series release?

Ans: Hindi, Bhojpuri

Q. Is Kooku App free to watch online web series?

Ans: No, It’s paid to watch online web series.

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