Gaon Ki Garmi Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Review and Actress

Ullu Web Series Gaon Ki Garmi Cast, Actress, Story and Review

Indian famous ott platform Ullu has released their best actress Mahi Kaur's web series Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi under Direction of Sameer Salim Khan. Now a days, web series and short films are most popular to people and people also liked and loved to watch web series and short films with their own choice. All people like to watch web series because they like their actress. Now web series and short films ott platform also make their series with casting best and famous actress to entertain people with their choice. In this article we gonna share with you Ullu App Hind web series Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi release date, cast, actors, actress, story, review and where and how to watch online.

Gaon ki garmi

Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series:

Web series Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi makes to entertain people and this web shoot at a village. In the last few months Indian best OTT Platform Ullu back to back give us top classes hit and enjoyable web series. They try to makes their short films and web series more hit and entertaining. Today's famous web series ott platform Ullu Originals has been released their web series on their respective App. They already published their web series Gaon Ki Garmi trailer on their ott platform and various social media platform. Although, now Ullu Platform release their web series and short film every week to entertaining their audience. web series Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi has been released on their ott platform in previous year. 

Gaon Ki Garmi is an Indian Hindi language dramatic web series and showing a village couple life and their nephew. This web series maily based on an external affairs between Aunty and Nephew, which already published on Ullu App. This web series mainly showing on love, romance, fantasy and Drama. This web series so much hit to the people because it cast by those actors actress who has popular to the people and gain name and fame for their work or role. Mahi Kaur lead the main role in this web series.

Gaon Ki Garmi Web series  Release Date:

The ott platform Ullu would released their upcoming web series trailer before one or two weeks ago. Same way they had release their Gaon Ki Garmi web series trailer before two weeks in various social media network. Ullu Originals had released Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi web series on 6 June, 2022 on Ullu App. Gaon Ki Garmi web series released in Hindi and Bhojpuri language and it has 2 episodes and running duration 43 minutes.

Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series Cast and Characters:

Mahi Kaur, recently most popular for work in web series, who played the main role as Mami (Aunty). We tell you above that now a days people interested to watch and enjoy web series because of popular and bold actress to their own choice. Every ott platform try to do fulfill audience needs and they cast thei web series with those famous actress.

  • Mahi Kaur as Mami (Aunty)

  • Anupam Gahoyi as Mama (Uncle)

  • Shivam Tiwari as bhanja (Nephew)

Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur

Cast and Crew of Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series are famous for their acting and they makes this web series fun, fantasy and interesting.

Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series Story:

This web series is making for entertainment with love, fantasy and romance. This web series story start from a village (Gaon), where lives a couple. The wife and husband story makes this web series romantic. The wife Mahi Kaur (as Mami) married to an aged man and they started their life together. The wife want to physical relation more with her husband, but her husband does not satisfying to his wife. One day, their nephew come to their house and stay some days with them. The nephew seen that his mami does not satisfied in physical attachment with his mama. Nephew also attracted to his mami (aunty) and want to get physical relation. One night, nephew see that his mami watching some er★tic pictures. Then, nephew go to near his mami and tell his wises. But mami refused his proposal and avoid him. The nephew also trying to convince her to make satisfiction in physical attachment and mami also......  What happened next know all about this story to watch Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi web series only on Ullu App.

Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series Details and Wiki:

Above we give the information of released date, cast, genre and storyline. Now can see this web series details and wiki given below-

Name of Series Gaon Ki Garmi
Genre  Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Cast Mahi Kaur, Anupam Gahoyi, Shivam Tiwari 
Season 1
Number of Episode 2
Language Hindi
Released 5 March, 2021
Directed By SSK
OTT Ullu Originals

Review of Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series:

As we seen in trailer and after above discussion this web series going to be more interesting and make people fun and entertainment. You know that every web series of this ott platform are entertaining, enjoyable and exciting. People watch to love their web series and short films because of their popular and best actress. Ullu also makes their web series with those actress. Mahi Kaur is an Indian web actress who lead the main role in this web series and make it interesting.

Digital Rights to Watch Online:

If you want to watch this web series online, then you have to buy a subscription on Ullu App. Ullu Originals is not free to watch web series or short films. Before watching Gaon Ki Garmi web series go to respective ott platform and subscribe them and watch and enjoy romantic web series. 

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