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 WBCS Previous Year English Question Answer (2010)

wbcs English Question Answer 2010

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English Grammar For WBCS. In this episode we shared Wbcs 2010 English paper Question answer. You can Download these English Question Answer which were coming in the 2010 Previous year. You can solve these English Grammar Question answer for your Up coming Wbcs Preliminary Examination. 

WBCS 2010 Question And Answer

Choose the right alternative from the options given below:

1. A gourmet loves_____.

(A) Fashion

(B) Action

(C) Food

(D) Films

Ans:  Food


 Direction for Question no. 2 & 3


Fill in the blanks in the sentences choosing the most meaningful alternative from the ones supplied:

2. The____ of the place attracts many ascetics.

(A) Quietness

(B) Silence

(C) Quietude

(D) Soundlessness

Ans:  Silence


3. The Street is not properly _____.

(A) Illumed

(B) Illumined

(C) Illuminated

(D) Enlightened

Ans:  Illuminated


4. Choose the right alternative from the given options:

A man with an irrationally fixed idea is called _____.

(A) An eccentric

(B) A maniac

(C) A mankind

(D) A phobic

Ans:  An eccentric


Direction for Question no. 5 to 7

Fill in the blank with the correct alternative from the ones supplied:

5. A man in the charge of farming and nurturing animals is called_____

(A) A ploughman

(B) A farmer

(C) A firm-manager

(D) A husband man

Ans:  A farmer


6. Lachrymose nature means ______.

(A) Lethargic

(B) Prone to anger

(C) Prone to tear

(D) Energetic

Ans:  Energetic


7. The man who follows his nose actually follows his______-

(A) Passion

(B) Rationality

(C) Instinct

(D) Memory

Ans:  Instinct


8. Choose the correct alternative from the ones supplied:

Detect where the adjective 'public ' is used in derogatory sense

(A) Public house

(B) Public woman

(C) Public servant

(D) Public speech

Ans:  Public woman


9. Choose the right word from the alternative to complete the sentence idiomatically:

A clever man sweeps his family scandals under the______

(A) Ground

(B) Floor

(C) Capet

(D) Grave-stone

Ans:  Capet


10. Fill in blank with correct word to make the sentence meaningful.

It is usual now-a-days to blow Ones own ______ to impress others.

(A) Horn

(B) Trumpet

(C) Drum

(D) Band

Ans:  Trumpet


Direction for Question no. 11 & 12

Select the pair in the following options which is set opposition

11. (A) Doggish --- Canine

(B) Manly --- Virile

(C) Divine --- Infernal

(D) Earthly --- Terrestrial

Ans:  Divine --- Infernal


12. (A) Pedant - Pedagogic

(B) Humid --- Arid

(C) Erroneous --- Faulty

(D) Horrible --- Horrendous

Ans:  Humid --- Arid



Direction for Question no. 13 & 14

Choose the word from the list which is nearest in meaning to the underlined part of the sentence:

13. Hike in oil price may mar the future of the trade world

(A) Harness

(B) Help

(C) Better

(D) Worsen

Ans:  Better


14. The separation from a lover fills one's mind with blues

(A) Sadness

(B) Romanticism

(C) Nostalgia

(D) Colourfulness

Ans:  Sadness


15. Choose the correct alternative from the options to fill in the blanks:


In the time of danger, we should try to take the bull by the horns means "In the time of danger we should try to____"

(A) Surmount it

(B) Face the situation boldly

(C) Overcome it

(D) Control ourselves

Ans:  Face the situation boldly

16. 'We are superior to everybody else' is the apt utterance of a/an

(A) Egoist

(B) Pacifist

(C) Anarchist

(D) Humanist

Ans:  Egoist


17. To give a dog a bad name means

(A) It is very difficult to destroy the reputation of a loyal person

(B) It is very difficult to lose a bad reputation

(C) It is very difficult to earn a good reputation in a bad company

(D) It is very difficult to both be loyal and do something that jeopardizes self-reputation

Ans:  It is very difficult to lose a bad reputation


18. The prospect of her marriage is remote. The opposite of 'remote' in this sentence, would be

(A) High

(B) Less

(C) Far

(D) Near

Ans:  Near


19. Fill in the blank with the right word:

A lame duck organisation is one which needs_____

(A) Authority

(B) Staff

(C) Power

(D) Support

Ans:  Support


20. A manicurist takes care of

(A) Foot

(B) Ear

(C) Nails

(D) Mind

Ans:  Nails


21. A duck is a bird, but to duck is

(A) To feel shy

(B) To refuse

(C) To abandon

(D) To avoid

Ans:  To feel shy


22. Insert the appropriate phrasal verb in the blank below and make the sentence meaningful:

This evidence _____ with what one already knows

(A) Tics in

(B) Sets in

(C) Gives in

(D) Goes down

Ans:  Tics in


23. The specialist who handles problems in the human body related to bones is a/an:

(A) Orthodontist

(B) Osteopath

(C) Podiatrist

(D) Oncologist


Ans:  Osteopath


24. Baptist of fire means

(A) A fire fighting act

(B) A bad beginning in the first job

(C) A difficult introduction to an experience

(D) A religious experience

Ans:  A difficult introduction to an experience


25. A pugilist is a

(A) Boxer

(B) Swimmer

(C) Athlete

(D) Weight - lifter

Ans:  Boxer


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