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Reasoning , Odd Words Find
General Intelligent For SSC CGL | MTS | Bank | Rail Exam

In this part we provided you most important Reasoning And General Intelligent (Odd Numbers & Word) Which are came in various examination like SSC CGL, MTS, UPSC, PSC, WBCS, Bank, Rail, ICDS, UGC NET, SET, and others competitive Exams. 


In the following questions, three /four out of the four / five alternatives are same in a certain way and so form a group.

Find the odd one that does not belong to the group.

1. (A) Sun

(B) Mercury

(C) Mars

(D) Venus

Answer: Sun


2. (A) Cloth

(B) Plastic

(C) Thread

(D) Cotton

Answer: Plastic


3. (A) Barter

(B) Purchase

(C) Sale

(D) Borrow

Answer: Borrow


4. (A) Flower

(B) Stem

(C) Branch

(D) Roots

Answer: Flower


5. (A) Sky

(B) Star

(C) Planet

(D) Comet

(E) Moon

Answer: Sky


6.  (A) Sea

(B) River

(C) Ocean

(D) Swimming Pool

Answer: Swimming Pool


7.  (A) Gold

(B) Silver

(C) Bronze

(D) Iron

Answer: Bronze


8. (A) Exact estimate

(B) Only choice

(C) Clearly visible

(D) Open secret

Answer: Open secret


9. (A) Rival

(B) Opponent

(C) Foe

(D) Ally

Answer: Ally


10. (A) Brass

(B) Gun metal

(C) Bronze

(D) Germanium

Answer: Germanium


11. (A) Rain

(B) Shower

(C) Sleet

(D) Raisin

Answer: Raisin


12. (A) Distinguish

(B) Scatter

(C) Differentiate

(D) Classification

Answer: Distinguish


13. (A) Disperse

(B) Congregate

(C) Accumulate

(D) Aggregate

Answer: Disperse


14. (A) Mis deed

(B) Corruption

(C) Failure

(D) Offence

(E) Villainy

Answer: Offence


15. (A) Shorthand

(B) Morse

(C) Semaphore

(D) Record

Answer: Record


16. (A) Chameleon

(B) Crocodile

(C) Alligator

(D) Locust

Answer: Locust


17. (A) Cruise

(B) Crusade

(C) Campaign

(D) Expedition

Answer: Cruise


18. (A) Blackmail

(B) Smuggling

(C) Snobbery

(D) Forgery

(E) Sabotage

Answer: Snobbery


19. (A) Scurvy

(B) Rickets

(C) Night - blindness

(D)  Influenza

Answer: Influenza


20. (A) Herd

(B) Flight

(C) Hound

(D) Swarm

Answer: Hound

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